Tribeca is the rising cultural star of New York City’s neighborhoods, bringing some of the best culinary experiences to Manhattan. Though popular Tribeca Japanese restaurant Nobu is moving, the neighborhood is still home to many exceptional sushi restaurants – here are our 5 favorites.


5. Takahachi


Blocks away from where Nobu used to sit, Takahachi serves reliably delicious and fresh sushi at midrange prices. Diners can sit at the bar to view sushi chefs at work or choose a seat in the minimalist, Japanese-style dining room. As a unique twist, Takahachi’s rolls are all named for movies, tying the restaurant to Tribeca, and the world famous Tribeca Film Festival.


4. Blue Ribbon Sushi


Sushi master Toshi Ueki lends his talent to Blue Ribbon Sushi, serving fresh fish flown in from the Sea of Japan as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Its award-winning sake list and variety of dishes elevate Blue Ribbon Sushi in Tribeca. This laid-back restaurant, located in the trendy Brookfield Place, is perfect for those seeking excellent sushi dishes and Japanese cuisine.


3. Sushi Azabu


Sushi Azabu is a Japanese restaurant with an emphasis on omotenashi—signature Japanese hospitality characterized by its warmth and respectfulness. Its omakase dinner seats only nine guests a night, and the intimate setting is heightened by the chefs’ attentiveness during the meal. However, omakase is not the only way to experience a meal at Sushi Azabu—upstairs is the izakaya, a more traditional restaurant with an a la carte sushi menu and more social setting.


2. Ichimura


This Tribeca sushi restaurant is a new venture and namesake of the Tokyo sushi chef Ichimura. Ichimura holds two ten-seat sittings of an omakase menu per night, each meal tailored to the diners’ preferences and serving only fresh Tokyo-imported fish. Despite is unassuming interior, Ichimura is an authentic and unique Japanese dining experience.


1. Sushi of Gari


The Michelin starred Sushi of Gari in Tribeca boasts an experience “where traditional meets innovation.” Tokyo-born sushi chef Gari designed his own brand of sushi sauces in the 1970s, after witnessing diners using too much soy sauce on their sushi. Gari opened his own line of restaurants in 1997 focused around serving sushi with his own original sauces and toppings. Gari’s style enhances the flavor of each piece of fish individually, turning your entire plate into a myriad of taste sensations.



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