Washington Market Park in Lower Manhattan is named for the former wholesale produce market that operated in the neighborhood. The Tribeca park was created because of lobbying by activists dedicated to improving their neighborhood, turning a dump site into a community park with a large playground, regular events, and a community garden.

History of Washington Market Park

In the 1970s, residents of Tribeca protested the city of New York’s planned parking lot, campaigning instead to have it turned into a community park. The Washington Market Community Park was established in 1978, but a planned expansion in 2000 was derailed by the attacks on September 11th, 2001. The Tribeca park was used as a parking lot for emergency vehicles as well as a power station, delaying construction on the project. The park was not reopened until November of 2003, with a new playground that quadrupled children’s play space. By 2004, Washington Market Park had completed its transformation from a dump site to a hub of neighborhood life.

Park Activities

Throughout the year, the Friends of Washington Market Park hosts events, specifically geared towards children and families in the neighborhood. Saturday September movie nights feature classics Grease and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, while holiday events include an annual pumpkin carving contest, a Halloween parade, and a Christmas party. However, daily visitors can enjoy the Little Free Library, the Butterfly Garden Project, and the tennis and basketball courts.

Washington Market Park is a relaxing slice of nature in the beautiful, trendy Tribeca neighborhood. The park, one of our favorite parks in Tribeca, is easily accessible to residents of the luxury apartments at Tribeca House, located only a few blocks away. Contact us to learn about our white-glove amenities and the benefits of living in the neighborhood.