As the seasons change, the challenges of a small apartment in Manhattan change along with them. Finding space for clothes, equipment for outdoor hobbies, and seasonal decorations can be difficult in a small space, especially in New York. These tips will help any apartment dweller find extra room for their seasonal storage.

Suitcase Storage

Bulky suitcases are a hassle to find a place for when you’re not traveling. However, they can double as storage boxes when not in use adding extra storage space to your apartment. You can fill the hollow inside of a suitcase with seasonal gear, decorations, and out-of-season clothing. Vacuum compression bags can double your storage space inside a suitcase. Or fill with hard-to-store decorations or seasonal hobby supplies and stacked until needed in your walk-in closet.

Hobbies as Decoration

For those with outdoor hobbies, storing the associated gear and equipment can be difficult. Things like skis, bikes, and other equipment are impossible to compress or fit into regular storage bins. One creative solution for uncompromising accessories is to use them as decoration in your apartment. A bike mounted on the wall not only looks attractive, but doesn’t take up any floor space, so the room still feels open. A pair of skis can lay on a shelf or hooks high on a wall, out of the way but displayed and easy to access.  Just clean them up before putting on display.

Stackable Outdoor Storage Bins

The classic storage choice for most apartments and homes, stackable storage bins are useful even in small apartments. Large things like air conditioner units fit well in outdoor storage bins, which are designed to protect their contents from the elements and can be stowed in basements or utility closets. Because these bins are designed to stack, you can use them to fit unusually-shaped seasonal objects or soft blankets and clothes that do not stack easily.

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