Tribeca, the trendy neighborhood in Manhattan’s Lower West Side known for its artistic history, is home to NYC’s premier paint party experience at the Muse Paintbar. While painting classics or decorating mason jars to take home to add to their Tribeca loft decor, guests can drink wine or beer and choose from a menu of delicious food options. Muse Paintbar is a popular choice for private painting events and date nights for Tribeca residents and visitors to the city.

Guided Painting Experience

Tribeca’s Muse Paintbar hosts group classes every day of the week with a variety of themes. Painters of all skill levels can take part in the Classic series: the instructor guides the class in painting the same image, but guests are encouraged to be creative, embellishing their piece if inspiration strikes. Experienced painters may enjoy the smaller class size and more detailed work at the Masterpiece classes, while more unique classes involve painting glassware and wooden signs. Those with children can take advantage of Muse’s family events every Saturday.

Sip and Snack

Guests combine artistic exploration with culinary satisfaction with Muse Paintbar’s in-house restaurant and bar. Dishes range from finger foods and appetizers like hummus and cheese platters to pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, and calzones. Muse Paintbar has over twenty selections of wine and beer, as well as sodas and juice. Guests can order food and drink before the session to paint and socialize without breaking the flow of the night.

Private Parties and Events

Muse Paintbar is perfectly suited for private events, supplying the activity and the snacks together. The studio can be booked for paint parties celebrating any occasion, team building events, retreats, and more. Muse donates 5% of their profits to local causes and partners often with charities and fundraising groups to host events or raise money.

Tribeca’s Muse Paintbar is a popular place for private events, parties, couples, and anyone looking for a creative activity or introduction to painting. Mere blocks away, Tribeca House’s timeless style and luxury no-fee apartments provide white-glove amenities to provide the perfect home for any creative mind. Contact us today to paint the canvas of your future home.