New York City’s apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and many studio apartments require creative storage ideas. Whether you’re moving into a new home or decluttering, you can use these apartment space saving tips to maximize your storage space.

Maximize Vertical Space with Shelving

What Manhattan apartments lack in floor space, they usually make up for with high ceilings. Utilize your empty wall space with wall-mounted shelves, placing infrequently used objects on out-of-reach shelves to keep them out of your way. These shelves don’t take up floor space, and you can choose different colors and profiles to match your décor. Some companies, like IKEA and the Container Store, even carry flexible shelving solutions that can be adjusted to fit your space snugly. Luckily, the IKEA express ferry runs from downtown Manhattan to the IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn, making it easy for you to purchase your shelving and home decoration needs. 

Hidden Storage and Collapsible Furniture

Hidden storage and folding furniture are critical to apartment space-saving success. Instead of a traditional chair, you can opt for a two-in-one: a bench or ottoman with a hollow interior, perfect for files, cleaning supplies , or even cookware you don’t need frequently. A dining room table with folding wings gives you the flexibility to prepare dinner on a larger surface or tuck it against a wall when you’ve finished eating. For even more apartment space saving, invest in a Murphy bed: the ability to fold it against the wall during the day opens up extra floor space.

Closet and Cabinet Doors

Studio apartment storage extends to the space behind closet and cabinet doors. Over-door shoe pockets aren’t just for shoes: cleaning supplies, toiletries, and even clothing accessories can fit in the spaces, increasing your storage space in a commonly underused area. Baskets and hooks that belong on cabinets make use of empty space behind the cabinet door, creating extra room for small items that might fall off open shelves.

A resourceful and creative mind is the key to studio apartment storage. Finding space in every nook, utilizing open walls, and choosing dual purpose furniture will save space and provide flexible storage as well as opportunities for decoration. At Tribeca House, our modern loft apartments feature luxury living with plenty of room for all your space-saving ideas. Contact us today and start planning your perfect studio home