The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling, and you’re likely finding it tougher and tougher to find time and energy to make it to the gym. Welcome to Winter in NYC – the bane of every fitness regimen. Fortunately for Tribeca residents, there are plenty of exercise options beyond our selection of walking, running, and biking trails – check out our list of our 5 favorite local options for a high-intensity workout session. 

Tribeca Equinox Club

The Equinox Club in Tribeca offers classes that cover a full range of workout options, including yoga, pilates, studio cycling, boxing, barre, dance, and running classes. While some group classes are booked in advance, others allow drop-ins. With a variety of options Equinox fits the needs of any skill or fitness level. The Spa at Equinox offers regenerative treatments for members, including massages, facial treatments, and body wraps.

Barry’s Bootcamp

For a classic workout with results-producing high intensity, Barry’s Bootcamp is a top choice for gym aficionados in Tribeca. Their Original class combines a short cardiovascular treadmill workout with an equal amount of strength training on the floor, while Double Floor classes focus on strength training, without the use of a treadmill. They boast a calorie-burning workout, focusing on a different muscle group every day of the week for a well-rounded workout, with weekends focused on a complete, full-body regimen.

Pure Barre

The ballet barre-based method of Pure Barre focuses on low-impact workouts with light equipment to create a series of full-body workouts for students of all fitness levels. Their 45- to 50-minute workouts come in four sessions: Foundations, Classic, Empower, and Reform. Foundations offers an introduction to Pure Barre’s methods making it a perfect class for beginners. Classic is the next class up, for students familiar with the barre method looking for a high-intensity workout. Empower classes focus on cardio with a mixture of barre exercises and interval training. Reform is their resistance-based class that focuses on improving strength, coordination and balance.

Exceed Physical Culture

Founded in 2012 on the beliefs of the Physical Culture Movement, Exceed is a New York City-based full-service boutique gym based on the cohesion of four concepts: environment, expertise, energy, and empowerment. In addition to a functional open gym and private training options, they offer a 50-minute Workout class that combines TRX, kettlebells, and High Intensity Interval Training for a full-body exercise. Specialty classes include boxing, rowing, kettlebells, advanced Master classes, and even options for kids.

Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is the best for a cycling-based exercise regimen in Tribeca. Their main Stadium Cycling class has several tiers, designed to fit with anyone’s workout routine. The Method class offers high-intensity interval training including cycling and an upper-body series, while Tempo classes pair rhythm riding with core-strengthening exercises. For a more intense workout try their Power classes, a step up from Method. Power classes feature longer and steeper rides, no upper body workout, and less recovery time between each interval. Flywheel’s non-cycling Precision Training classes include Flybarre (barre-based with light weights), Flyfit (heavy weights and more intense training), and Flyrecover (regenerative exercises like yoga).

Access to the Equinox Club and the attached Spa is one of the many amenities available to residents of Tribeca House. Tribeca House’s no-fee luxury apartments feature a bi-level rooftop deck, parking, concierge, a basketball court, and more. Visit or call today to tour our available apartments and accompanying gym and spa services.