Living in Tribeca grants access to many perks, not the least of them access to some of Manhattan’s best restaurants. While delicious food is easy to find in Tribeca, choosing a healthy option can be a challenge when looking for a fast meal for takeout or delivery. No matter your craving, these are some of the restaurants offering the best delivery and the best takeout in Tribeca with many nutritious options to satisfy your hunger every day of the week.


Mulberry & Vine

Mulberry & Vine has perfected fast-casual takeout eating in Tribeca. Located on Warren Street, between West Broadway and Greenwich, their American-style cuisine features build-your-own bowls and plates for customers to fill with various vegetables and proteins. Ingredients include gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options, and the company emphasizes transparency: they offer nutrition information for everything on their menu, published online as well as available in-restaurant. Mulberry & Vine’s customizable meals are flavorful, healthy, and easy to order both for delivery and pickup in the Tribeca area.  


Tribeca’s Kitchen

A classic diner-style restaurant on Church Street, Tribeca’s Kitchen serves everything one would expect, breakfast through dinner, and even a weekend brunch. What sets this establishment apart is its dedication to organic ingredients as well as hormone- and antibiotic-free meats. Gluten-free selections are available, and while many of the entrées have an Italian flair, the salad and sandwich options are vegetarian-friendly.


Kaede Japanese

When it comes to ordering healthy takeout, sushi is a reliable choice—not only does fish have many health benefits, but most menu items are full of vegetables and can accommodate a variety of diets and allergies. Kaede is one of the delicious sushi restaurants that offers takeout and delivery in Tribeca without sacrificing the taste of a sit-in dining experience. The health-conscious eaters can improve their meals by avoiding tempura and soy sauce, or by switching to brown rice or sashimi to cut back on white rice.


SoHo Thai

Quality Thai cooking goes well beyond its delicious taste: spices that feature heavily in the food, like ginger and turmeric, have proven health benefits. SoHo Thai’s proximity to Tribeca places it in an ideal location for ordering pickup on the way home for Tribeca residents and others in neighboring areas—they also offer free delivery for those who prefer a quiet night at home. Healthy options include Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai, both loaded with nutritious ingredients.


Nish Nush

Nish Nush’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine is perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten-free crowd, but its flavorful meals are also ideal for those who enjoy meat in their diet. Mediterranean food is demonstrably beneficial for the heart, due to its use of olive and canola oils instead of butter and the inclusion of healthy herbs and spices. Nish Nush takes it up a notch by focusing exclusively on plant-based meals that are a perfect healthy meal for the on-the-go Tribeca dweller.


The Tribeca Takeout Takeaway

All of these restaurants are perfectly located for residents of Tribeca House, the neighborhood’s classically beautiful and picturesque apartments. The no-fee luxury apartments at Tribeca House are surrounded by the best Tribeca takeout restaurants, shopping, and other white-glove amenities that come only from living in the prominent downtown neighborhood. Call or visit today to view open listings and grab a healthy meal to enjoy on the way.